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African Safari

Gioco gratis online in Flash: African Safari

African Safari - Lions, leopards and wild animals of every kind! Jump into the adventure and capture your prize. Succeed in making the points quota and prove yourself as "King of the Jungle"! The aim of the game is, with the help of the balls, to achieve the predefined points quota. Every player gets 10 balls, with which he must "capture" the moving animals. To do this you must hover your mouse over the target and click the mouse button. Pick your target carefully - always trying to hit the required target. Hitting the wrong target will result in a points deduction. But be careful, the agile little creatures are not that easy to catch and you need to take account of the physics of the balls. That means that not only do you need to have a good aim, you need to take account of the flight path and weight of the ball you are throwing. The longer you hold the mouse button before releasing, the further you'll throw the ball. You can request new balls at any time, but a points penalty will apply, so watch your ammo!

African Safari

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1. Hit the required target. You have 10 balls. 2. You can request new balls any time, but for a points penalty. 3. Like all gimigames games, only the fastest players make it through, so hurry!
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