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British History

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Rispondi alle domande per distruggere le flotte avversarie
Fight it out on the high seas with cannons on galleons, in this British history online learning game.

British History

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You are in charge of an English galleon and have come across a pirate ship. Click the Start button to be asked the first question. Get the question right and you fire your cannon at the pirate ship. Get the question wrong and they blast you. At the end of the level if you have scored more hits than the pirates, their ship will sink. If they score more than you, your ship will sink. At the end of each level you have the option to play again or try another period by moving back to the main menu. When you have completed all the levels in a period you can claim a certificate by clicking the certificate scroll button that will appear. This will give you your overall score for that completed period of history.
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